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What Is A Lipoma? Lipoma Treatment. How To Remove A Lipoma

what is a lipomaWhat is a Lipoma?

Lipoma is a fatty lump of tissues that grows slowly between the skin and the muscle layer beneath the skin. It is common to people aged forty to sixty though it can develop in children too. It is very easy to identify lipoma as it moves slightly when it is pressed with a finger. Though lipoma can grow in other parts of the body, it commonly appears on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, abdomens and thighs.

Lipoma is just a benign growth of fatty tissue and it is neither cancerous nor harmful hence lipoma treatment is not necessary unless it bothers you. lipoma can be bothersome especially if you are shy leading to physical and emotional effect as it draws attention from other people resulting in low self confidence and embarrassment when you are having fun in places such as beach and swimming pools where most of the time you tend to remove your clothes.

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There is no specific cause of lipoma but if you come from a family with lipoma history the tendency of getting lipoma is high. Other pre existing conditions that increase chances of lipoma development are: adiposis dolorosa, Cowden syndrome, Gardner’s syndrome and Madelung disease.

The common lipoma treatment is removal of lipoma by surgery though this should be done only after confirmation that it is indeed lipoma and it is lipoma alone with no other complications such as cancer.

Lipoma can be distinguished from other skin tumors by physical examination as it is soft to touch and moves easily when it is prodded with a finger, colorless, small, it is just under the skin and it is painful only if it grows into nerves.

Lipoma treatment

Lipoma treatment is not a must but it is advisable, to be going for check up regularly as it can be cancerous if it is liposarcoma. lipoma that is left alone does not cause any problem but it can be treated by dermatologist if it bothers. The common lipoma treatment is lipoma removal.

How to remove a lipoma

There are several ways that lipoma can be removed or reduced its size. They include:

1. Surgery

This is the common lipoma treatment. It is done to remove lipoma especially those which are large and are still growing. lipoma rarely grows after they have been surgically removed and leaves no or very small mark hence this method is effective though painful.

2. Liposuction

This is another method of removing lipoma. It reduces the size of lipoma by sucking out the fluids and fats using a needle. In this method, an incision is made in the lipoma and cannula is inserted into the incision forth and back to make the fats loose and it is vacuumed up through the tube.

3. Steroid Injections

A steroid injection makes the lipoma to reduce in size though it does not remove it completely. Injections are made in this method on the area which is affected and steroid is pumped into.

Lipoma removal through surgical means is always painful and requires the use of anesthesias but natural lipoma treatments are available based on diet and exercise that is not painful. Sage is a natural lipoma treatment that has been proofed to be very effective. It is an herb commonly used for cooking hence you can be sure it is not painful and has no side effects. It has high affinity for fats hence it prevents its accumulation which is normally the cause of lipoma.

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